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Hanalei Moon - Question

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Christi MOore
Posted 1/23/01 at 6:01am

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Hanalei Moon - Question

I believe Hanalei Moon was written by Bob Nelson.
Can anyone confirm that? And does anyone know what year the song was written?

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Marjorie Scott
Posted 1/26/01 at 10:01am

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Bob Nelson

Yes, Bob wrote Hanalei Moon. I don't know the year. If you contact me at my email address, I can give you Bob's address so that you may contact him directly.

Posted 10/8/05 at 9:10am

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My father wrote Hanalei Moon

My father is Robert Nelson and in 1974 he wrote the music and lyrics to Hanalei Moon. It's been re-done by numerous artists. He also wrote the Maui Waltz, which is also a favorite for weddings.

Thank you for taking interest in his work. He was and still is a great artist.


Posted 9/5/07 at 12:09pm

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Hanalei Moon

Can you tell me where to find the Hawaiian lyrics to Hanalei Moon?

Thank you,

Mariana G.
Posted 11/5/08 at 11:11am

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Lyric from hanalei moon

Hanalei Moon - Words & Music by Bob Nelson

When you see Hanalei by moonlight
You will be in Heaven by the sea

Every breeze, every wave will whisper
You are mine don't ever go away

Hanalei, Hanalei moon
Is lighting beloved Kaua`i

Hanalei, Hanalei moon
Aloha n wau i `oe

Source: Copyright 1974 Criterion Music Corp Music clip by Lani Lee


Posted 4/30/11 at 1:04pm

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hey everyone...

i reallly in love with this song ....

i act know this song from a taiwan show..i wish anyone can tel me what is the version of the HANALEI MOON from this show

here the link ( the show is hilarious but sorry there no eng sub, its bout they they asked celebrities to dance different style of dancing.)


so....i heard a lot of version on youtube but i just never heard this one...

please anyone can tel me..?

Pua Manuel
Posted 7/24/11 at 1:07am

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Hanalei Moon

Yes, Hanalei Moon was composed by Robert Nelson. I first Rob Nelson while he worked as a contracted muscian at The Lodge at Koele on the Island of Lana`i. He shared this information with me personally.

Carol Forsloff
Posted 7/8/12 at 4:07pm

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Bob Nelson's music

My husband and I were friends with Bob Nelson when we lived in Hawaii. In fact we had our wedding reception at Yacht Harbor towers when he played there, and he performed for that reception. We lived in Hawaii 28 years and found Bob Nelson's music to be the best of all. He also has the character, faith and skill to represent the music of the islands.

How can we contact him direct? I am interested in his well being and how he is doing with his music and all that, as we have loved him very much. I am also a singer, and he may know us that way.

Posted 8/17/12 at 10:08pm

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Carol Forsloff message

He is my step-grandfather. Let me consult with him regarding anyone contacting him and I'll get back to you. Thank you

Gretchen Benko
Posted 10/15/12 at 5:10pm

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Bob Nelson

Aloha Carol,
You must be one of Aunty Irene's childrens. I am Bob's cousin from Scottsdale, Arizona. I have been trying to get hold of him but haven't been successful. Hoping that you might be able to help me. Also, I would like to say my deepest sympathy to you and the family on the lost of Aunty Irene. She was such a sweetheart. She and my mother use to work together at Walmart here in Arizona before she went to work for the Casino. So Carol, if you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Mahalo, Gretchen(Gumpfer) Benko.

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